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Ice cream dinner and Diner Dash!

Oddly enough, BOTH games I had planned to play today weren'r working properly, so I just watching some more martial arts movies... ALL DAY!

I also beat Diner Dash, which was harder than I expected, but quite addictive!

But one this is started to annoy me, soon after Diner Dash they released a game that was exactly the same, but instead of a girl running a diner, it was a cowgirl running a sodapop joint...

What's with Real Arcade lately? They seem to be accepting clones of games that they have! How many Mahjong games does one man need? And how many word and tile puzzles does one mane need?

And to make things worse, the few games I beta tested and liked, DIDN'T make it! And now the beta testing is a farse, the games will be on Real Arcade in a few weeks wether we like them or not! And they almost never have bugs, so beta testing seems stupid!

I just noticed my mother left some sort of ice cream cake in the freezer...

Guess what my dinner is going to be? And why not? I'm home alone and on vacation!

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