Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Pixels, Sprites, Oekaki, MS Panit and Clipart comics...

It seems some people can't tell the difference between pixel comics, sprite comics and similar...

Most people call EVERY comic that's copy and pasty sprite comics, which really hurts to hear when you aren't making one!

I really hate sprite comics, possibly because people keep calling my comic one! But sprite comics are possibly the laziest things in web!

-They use sprites from videogames, hence the name, and barely modify it, they might add some Photoshop effects or recolor them, but the effort is minimal...

-They use characters from videogames. Sure, some might try to give them a bit more of personality, but they all seem to think that making the hero mentally challenged is comedy gold.

-They borrow worlds and stories, once again, since they are "borrowing" from a videogame, they world will be based on the videogame and the story will be at least pretty cliche if not similar to the videogame's one...

-It's basically fanfiction, except some instead of Mary Sueing it make it the opposite thinking they are very clever...

Pixel comics LOOK like videogames, but that's about it....

True, we have to copy an paste, but do you know HOW MUCH TIME IT TAKES WHEN YOU DON'T? My guest strips tend to take about EIGHT HOURS to make from scratch!

We use our own art, even if we reuse it, and the characters  and the wold they live in are our own!

At least I do my pixel puns to prove I can create original art.... ¬_¬

And then there are Oekaki or MS Paint comics, which are basically digital sketch comics, they make look pixely, but that's how they look when you use MS Paint to make doodle comics! Yet, some people think they are pixel art...

"Dolling" is when you take a pixel character base and create your own character, it's requires actual talent... so don't call those either.

Clipart comics are those who simply copy and paste that aren't pixels or sprites, the most know example is Dinosaur Comics, for some strange reason, some call these sprite comics too?

So remember, next time, be careful who you call a sprite comic, you might hurt their feelings!

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