Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,


My vacation starts today! YAY!

We're practically forced to take a vacation because since everybody else is on vacation we don't get enough customers to stay open! XD

My "going out" vacation was my NYC trip, not that I go out that much anyway, so I'll.... stay home and play videogames? I'll probably go and see the Batman movie... if it ever comes out here! I can't believe it's not out here yet!

Once it gets over 100ºF / 38ºC I'm not leaving my house unless I really have to... Heat just makes me cranky... ^_^;

I finally have the kitchen to myself and get to cook all I want! Except with my stomach condition I can't really cook that much, if I baked a plate of cookies that would be my breakfast, lunch AND dinner or else my stomach would suffer... Not to mention that most of my favorite meals are just to simple! I love sammiches, pasta and salads, those are pretty easy to make... :(

In case you never noticed, Saturday is my random day artwise, unless I'm doing a short story I do fanart or a one page thing.... But not all the time... I'm pretty sure Saturdays are not good days to update since nobody visits them because their not at the office?  Anyway, I'm not sure whether I'll do anything on Saturday while on vacation...
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