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NO MORE HEROES! 8D (And some other Wii game...)


Previous Entry NO MORE HEROES! 8D (And some other Wii game...) Jul. 26th, 2008 @ 06:31 am Next Entry
I finally got an beat No More Heroes!

I was very weary about getting this game since it was by the same guy who did Killer 7 a game I hated... If they had only had told me it's NOTHING like Killer 7 I would have gotten it sooner!

You're Travis Touchdown, and Otaku who happens to be an assassin in a videogame world. The game makes constant nods  and jokes about games, it's filled with retro sound effects and you even get to play a shmup!

The game is pretty straight forward, get a part time job and then an assasination job and make enough money so you can pay the fee for the next ranking battle, win, upgrade and repeat.

What I really loved is the pure zaniness of the game and the characters, the bosses are quite well designed and you'll feel bad after killing some of them.

Try to make an effort and get all the swords in the game, you'll get the real ending which is totally insane and worth it! X3

Oh... yeah... the other game.... It was Night for the Wii.... Frankly... I kinda hated it! All you do is fly, dash through hoops and make loop de loops.... When I got to the third level and saw the missions where basically the SAME once again I just couldn't play anymore.... :(
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Date:July 26th, 2008 05:02 am (UTC)
Well Sadu(could be wrong on this) is one of those guys that think of an art, not a game, and want to do something different always. So you have this hate love deal. I agree the Killer 7 was a crappy rail shooter but had an interesting story Sadu goes for having something different. Makes for some crappy games as well as kick ass games.
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