Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Console exclusives and achievements?

It seems that "exclusive" in the gaming world means that it will come out on other consoles a year later with new features...

When I finally found some time to play RE4 and beat it? They announced it for the Wii! Same thing happened to Okami... and now it's Dead Rising's turn... except it seems they downgraded the game a bit... A zombie game with less zombies is less fun! D:

Frankly, they are only a handful of companies that are actually exclusive... Because even games like Gears of War end up coming out on PC, but the problem is...

If you bought it when it was an exclusive, you'll get angry because now everybody will probably get a better version than yours, specially if you bought the console JUST for that game... Dude, Kojima already lied to us when he said MGS4 would be the last, so I wouldn't be surprised if MGS4 came out on PC and 360 next year at all!

Of course, the extra stuff is probably added on purpose so the game can be considered an extended version, so they can claim they weren't lying when they said it was an exclusive... "LOOK! This game has an extra level and a different SUBTITLE!"

So.... NEVER trust exclusives! We'll never see Mario on 360 or Ratchett on Wii, but everything else? It's a matter of time!

Apparently achievements are getting more and more popular each day! Sony kinda wussed out and called theirs trophies, but World of Warcraft and other PC games call them achievements... And achievements seems to have some power over us gamers!

Many PS3 players have stopped playing because they are waiting for these trophies... Well, those who actually have something to play on PS3 that is! XP

Achievements are rather interesting because they let you show your progress in a game and see how other's did, (that is if the game has proper achievemnts), you can see if they've actually beaten a game, and they usually let you see if you've did the extra stuff too!

They do seem to be an effective incentive to go the extra mile, if I'm having fun I won't mind trying to get the normal stuff that tend to happen when you play the game normally, like defeating a certain enemy in a certain way or upgrading a certain weapon...

I wonder if Nintendo will use them one day? "ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: You beat Bowser without using any powerups!" X3

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