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What a night for gnat! (A.K.A. Stop bugging me!)

I starting scracthing myself in sleep, around 4:00 AM, but fortunately I realised what I was doing before I scracthed too much and but some ointment on the bites...

The ich was terrible but it was recent enough for the ointment to work, so I soon started to feel a little better... Until I felt another bite!

Dang! I decided to leave my room and try to sleep on the giant sofa, but my mother had hogged it, so I tried the other smaller sofa, NEXT to my room. It wasn't very conforatble, and before I dozed off, I got ANOTHER bite!

I was about to just give up and stay up the rest of the night when I decided to try to sleep in the PC room, since it was on another floor the bugs that "bugged" me weren't there, but sleeping on the floor sure give you one heck of a back ache!

Oh well, my parents have gone to visit our granparents, so I'm home alone! YES!

Now if I just remember to use Raid an hour before going to bed I might actually get some sleep tonight!

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