Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Das Über game rant! Lego Indy and Civilization

Lego Indiana is just as good as the Lego Star Wars games, actually it's better!

They've removed the annoying Super Story and Challenge modes, which were just the same as the normal modes more or less. Indy doesn't have a blaster of a lightsaber, so combat seems to be harder... Until you realize how awesome the whip is! You can whip some nearby items and toss or hit the enemies with them and you can ever whip the enemies weapon into your hands!

Since the game is about teamwork, you have different characters with different abilities, mechanics to fix things, scholars to translate, etc, etc...

I'm actually pretty excited over the upcoming Lego Batman game! Unfortunately, Lego doesn't seem to have anything else to do after that.... :(

I was surprised I actually enjoyed the Civilization: Revolution demo, but I risked it and got the game anyway... I do not regret it! It's so addictive for some reason!

It's all about... well.. Civilizations! You pick a civilization and try your best to become a better civilization than the rest by either conquering them or by either becoming the richest, most advanced or cultured civilization. Some civilizations are better at war, some are better at making money, it's up to you to chose which is your favorite!

I'm still learning the ropes, but I'm having a good time doing it! I just realized that the reason everybody declares war on me is because I'm more advanced than them.... I might try to share technology with them next time, but I'm afraid they'd use it against me! XP

I love the mildly cartoony looks and the bits of humor in the game, and if you bother to look in the "Civopedia" it can be educational even!
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