Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Two stereotypes I really hate...

If there is one kind of character I hate it's the bloody space marine, the one man versus an army guy, who is so buff and macho, you think he's going to bludgeon you with his manhood.... ¬_¬

The problem with this character, is that... they don't really have a personality, they don't react to anything... A huge space monster is chasing after you? Big deal! Are we winning or losing the war? Who cares!  You only remember that your character is human when it cheers a good shoot, but you usually have someone following you around to do that for you!

I'm not sure the other one is a stereotype, and I does need an explanation, but I hate the "single" girl geek! And by that I mean geeky comics or shows with only ONE girl geek. You know the ones I'm talking about, they only have one nerdy female and they tend to be Mary Sues. And the reason I hate them is because the author acts like girl geeks are the rarest things in the world!

There's a hot girl in the comic shop? Big deal! There usually IS a cute girl at the comic shop, as a matter of fact there can even be.. GASP! More than ONE cute girl in the comic shop at the same time!

Yes, I'm fed up with people acting like female geek are the rarest species on Earth.... Most of geeks I know? Female! Most of the authors I know? FEMALE! Have these guys even been to a convention? They are filled with cute girls on both sides of the booth!

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