Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Das Über Game Rant!

BRAWL IS OUT TOMORROW!  Actually it was out late today, but I wanted to beat Ninja Gaiden II today... XP

I got my hands on Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga and I simply love it! It's oozing fun and humor and I found it quite addictive!  it has many small touches that will make you chuckle or laugh out hard, like Strom Troopers in swimsuits! As you progress through the game you earn studs to buy new characters and cheats, which you must find hidden in the game. Each characters has different abilities, obviously only the Jedi can use the force, so you have to change between your character to progress in the game.

There are always more hidden things to find, and Free Play mode which allows you to choose your main characters and reach areas you couldn't in Story Mode.

The game was pure fun, and I think it's out on almost all formats, so if you can get it, do so!  I'm sure you'll like it! :3

I didn't expect to get Ninja Gaiden II so soon, but I found it super cheap.... Ninja Gaiden is one of the hardest series ever and this is the only one of the modern ones I have, and the only one I somehow managed to beat...

I don't mind hard games, when it's "real" difficulty, but Ninja Gaiden II is just cheap... Bosses can kill you practically in one hit. And normal enemies deal tons of damage... And I think I playing on "easy"...

The games is possibly the goriest I've ever played, limbs literary fly everywhere, you behead, cut in half... it's rather messy,,,

And being from the same people as Dead Or Alive, women are extra jiggly and you even see a girl naked bathing in blood...

Frankly it felt like I was playing Devil May Cry only ten times harder, it even had it's "extreme" moments, like Ryu jumping out of a crashing plane in a motorbike.

You might not like it since it's so gory, cheesy and difficult, but now I can sell my copy to get Smash Brawl tomorrow! X3
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