Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Das Über Game Rant

I actually wish I bought the 360 sooner it's kinda hard to find some of the games I missed, like Dead Rising and Dynasty Warriors, and I've realized there are more game I want to play on the 360 than I expected to!  When ever I got to the used games store I see a game or two used that I wanted to play and there quite a few games I want on XBLA....

Right now I'm having way too much fun playing Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, you get an achievement for beating up Jar-Jar... I love this game! X3

Speaking of achievements, they are an effective way to make you play the game more. I don't think I'm achievement whore (although I already have more points almost everybody on my friend list) but the do help go a little further. I tend to just beat the game and leave it, but if the achievement looks fun and manageble I'll give it a try!

My Nintendo Fanboyism was at an all high when I was in New York, specially with my trip to Nintendo World, but now it's back to an all time low... I've barely played any Nintendo games since Phantom Hourglass and when Smash Bros. Brawl comes I'll have a blast, but after that? That's the problem... Apart from the occasional Wii Ware or VC game, I don't see anything exciting from Nintendo in the future...

Speaking of Wii Ware now that's it finally out, it's obvious that the Wii needs an upgrade... NOW! I find it tedious and ridicolous to spend so much time copying and deleting games just to make room for the newer one! "Wii" need a hard drive.... ASAP!
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