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Vanity Unfair?

I had to wear sunglasses today because sunlight still bothers me, and suddenly I thought:
"Sunglasses are the icon of vanity! People must think I am vane for wearing them!"
Then I thought that I was probably being vane because I cared if people thought I was vane.... I hurt my brain like math!

I had a discussion with a friend about the Nintendo DS and the PSP, he is convinced PSP will kick the Nintendo DS's butt in sales even though it costs twice as much and that the games are more expensive....

Even now I am chatting with a another friend who insists the same thing, I'm not even saying a word, except that Nintendo has been making portable games for 25 years....

I guess my defending the DS it's just my way of saying "I can't afford a 300€ console", I reacted the same to the XBox, and "hated" it till the price lowered...

I'm excited because tomorrow I'm getting World of Warcraft Collector's Edition, and I'm gonna play like crazy all weekend, so I might not appear here tomorrow... :P

But my Nintendo DS VIP edition will arrive soon too, either this week or the next, and that will be too much game for me at the same time...

(Notice the theme? I'm addicted to special editions...)
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