Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

While I was away....

I posted some puns while I was away, but I'll just post the whole lot here for those who didn't see them!

Pixel Pun 247: Death Ray

I would so buy a ray if it shot mini Deaths! X3

Pixel Pun 248: Gold Mine

He’s too rich to bother exploding for the likes of you!

Pixel Pun 249: Up-Beet

He looks pretty happy to me! :3

Pixel Pun 250: Sea-ants

It’s pretty easy, all the spirits say is “Bite the chump that stepped on me!” XP

Kitchen Kaos 49: Heh heh heh!

TV can turn you into a zombie, although technically Rotten Egg is already one! XP

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