Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Countdown to MoCCA! >INVENTORY?

I should be leaving to New York City in about a week!

And... I kinda need to make sure I haven't forgotten anything!

While I was out getting thing for my trip I went to the tea house and got some Pakistani team, which I heard tastes of awesome! I also got fudge and something called "Stroopies"? The lady there gave me a free cup of English Breakfast tea! YAY! X3

Anyways, this is the list of things I will bring, if you feel like reading it to see if I might have forgotten something!

-Vitamin C tablets to prevent the con plague.
-Tylenol or similar in case I actually catch it!
-DS, PSP AND GBA Micro.... It will be a LOOOONG plane ride! XP
-Comics: Persepolis (Do you think they'll call me a terrorist for reading a comic about an Irani girl?) and The Mammoth Book of Best Horror Comics
-Notebook to right down pun ideas! :3
-Adapter for US plugs. Unfortunately not all of my items have 100-240V charger cables... :(
-Alarm clock

I know I'm forgetting a few things, but I have no idea what!

By the way, I'm still not entirely sure on who is going there! I know there are people that have a table and others that will simply be visitors like me, but I'm not sure who... The site doesn't list everybody... D:
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