Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

A thought about original characters...

I'm starting to work on my next short story, and when I thought about the character design something struck me....

There is no way to be entirely positive that your character, or story, isn't the same, or at least pretty close, to someone's else. It's probably likely that someone has thought of something similar already! I've already seen that I'm not the only comic about talking food, but since the similarities end there I don't think I should worry?

The whole point is WHAT makes your character or story original! It's likely that your character looks like someone's else character, but it's unlikely that they act the same! It's likely that someone has had a similar story idea, but yours should be different in someway...

I'm hoping I'm being logical here, because spending hours searching on the Internet to see if someone has had the same idea... doesn't seem logical to me at all!

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