Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Pop culture is gonna pop!

I have nothing against pop culture, being a geek and all, pop culture is a part of my life, and to me knowing about pop culture is actually the sign of being a geek, but I've noticed a few things about pop culture lately that bother me a little...

I'll be the first to admit I almost never watch TV, so I don't get most of the TV celebs references people make, but that I don't think that makes me pop culture ignorant in my mind because I'm more of a Internet geek, I don't know anybody from the cast of Lost or House, but I know Homestar Runner, LOLcats and others, which made me realize one of the problems with pop culture... There is too much of it nowadays!

We've got games, geeky books, movies, TV, Internet and podcasts, do you think it's possible to keep up with all that? And another problems is that pop culture has existed for so long that we've got generational gaps, and the younger kids don't get pop culture references from older geeks, and vice versa.

How many people knew that the worm in Corpse Bride is passed on Peter Lorre? The younger you are, the most likely it is you don't even know who he is, even I'm kinda young to know him!

Many people use pop culture references without knowing where they are from, the most famous one is Yakov Smirnoff's "In Russia" reversals and it worries me that we'll soon reach a point when people will spew random quotes without knowing where they are from and not really getting them...

And something that really bothers me about pop culture is when people take advantage of it to attract a public, like I said before, I don't mind a quote or reference or two, I tend to make them often, but there is a limit!

Some people take it too far, they cram as many references as they can in their comic, show, book, etc, etc... because geeks like us will swarm to it and be attracted by the geeky references, but there is nothing original or even worthwhile there. Pop culture references are an INGREDIENT, not the whole main course! Once you strip these references away, there is nothing left, and since you didn't create them it wasn't your work to begin with!

Does this apply to parodies? Not entirely, a comedic reinterpretation or something is fine, but something like "Date Movie", Epic Movie" and such are taking it too far and just cram as much pop culture they can to get a reaction from you...

I wonder if this rant would make me a hypocrite since I'm thinking of adding a random game quote generator to my site... Although I doubt anybody would actually come just to see the quotes... XP

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