Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

HD, CoD4 and Wii Fit

 So.... I finally got a HD monitor... A SyncMaster 225MW... It's 22" and kinda awesome... XP

I remember people with a huge screen at max resolution told me they couldn't make out my pixel art.... What a load of rubbish! With a 22" screen at 1680X1050 I can still see every pixel perfectly!

And I can finally play game at full HD, well only the 360 since I don't have the right cable for the Wii...

I wasn't really blown away but the graphics, but the improvement was quite noticeable! :3

And... I finally played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and despite I hate war games, I must admit CoD4 was... awesome?

The pacing, controls and story were just great! I guess the reason I was able to play is because I was fighting terrorists and not other soldiers?
The game was quite intense without going over the top and at the end I really cared for the rest of the troop!

I was actually quite lucky yesterday, since I had forgotten my Game membership card when I went for Wii Fit, I went to pick it up when I was at the mall for my monitor, and I found Dead Rising at the used games section! From what I've heard it's REALLY hard to get now!

And... I seem to be getting the hang of Wii Fit! Not only has my fitness age gone done to only 33, but I wasn't that tired at the end of my 30 minute session!

I think the trick to it is to start with the easier and lighter aerobic and balance games and then do yoga and muscle exercises!

One tip though! Jog with you socks on if you have a hard floor or else it will be quite painful!

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