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MUA HA HA! The World is mine! (I beat eEvil Genius!)

Yes! I finally beat the game!

The final part was the most interesting! I had the ability to turn corpses into freaks that patrolled the base, and all the materials to build the rocket to lauch the doomsday device!

On the final levels you can optionally get rid of the Super Agents! I took care of Miranda the Bombshell by sending her to the infirmary and doing a "reverse liposuction", she couldn't her new look so he gave being a Super Agent! Jet Chan, the Bruce Lee clone, was defeated by offering a "fair" fight, in which we gave him some poison before the match, he lost and gave up as well!

Frostnova, the Ice Queen, wasn't that icy after all! When we found her teddy bear and teared it to pieces in front of her, well she gave up as well. Dirk Masters the Rambo clone, was trickier we broke into his gym and took his sweaty towel and took a DNA sample, with it, we were able to transform him into another freak at my orders!

The final and most dangerous one, the Bond clone, never gave me the option to get rid of him, I thought he'd appear during the final countdown, but nothing....

After testing the rocket I broadcasted my Ultimatum and was ignored, so I just lauched it into space!

The inactive volcano where my lair was had an actual giant TV screen and some artificial smoke to simulate an active one! When I lauched the rocket it opened up and released the device when in orbit...

Then the beam struck the Moon and Earth and suddenly.... Everybody started to float away into the sky! Ooopsie! I created the Gravity Disruptor when I wanted the ID Destroyer! Oh well, I conquered the world never the less...

And I still have more than enough time to read the Potter book and play DOTT!
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