Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

This "hertz"....

I'm not sure yet, but it seems that my TV tuner does NOT support PAL 60Hz... which many 360 games use...

The internet says that my TV tuner can't handle it, but tech support does, but hasn't told me how to make it work, and I wouldn't be surprised if they forgot to check whether my model supports 60Hz or not...

My options are:

-Get a cheap flat TV, because I can't afford anything else space or money wise...
-Try to find an external TV tuner that actually supports PAL 60Hz, which will be very hard since it took me ages to find this one and this kind of info is something they don't tell you..
-Open up my PC and void my warranty and get a TV Card that supports 60z... The cheapest option, but something I don't really want to do...

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