Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Wondering about Project Wonderful and convince me to stay gold with Xbox Live!

Some may have noticed that I've bought ads at a site or two...

They have helped my readership a lot, but... How long are they useful? I assume after a while everybody that would have clicked on it, should have? 

So... How long do you think it's a good idea to have an ad before moving to another site? A week? Two? ^_^;

And I must admit it, I'm having fun with the 360, I've already beaten Kameo and I beat Perfect Dark Zero... just to start playing Monster Madness! XP

Kameo is a bit like Banjo Kazooie except you collect new transformations instead of items to proceed. Perfect Dark Zero went pretty well for my first FPS on a console and I must admit it was fun, but it didn't handle half as good as a PC one!

Monster Madness... I owned the PC version which had a bug they never fixed and so far I'm enjoying the 360 version MORE than the PC one!

But here's the deal, I only have on month of Gold membership and I need someone to prove to me it's worth having! So.... Play with me, dammit!  Since I'm not used to console FPS games yet, I don't want to play one of those, but I guess I could buy some cool Xbox Live Arcade game? :3

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