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W00t! It's working!

I haven't finished the book yet, but I'm already at page 404 so I'm sure I will have read it before the week ends!

Man, somethings are so predictable even though I haven't read the whole book yet, I'm sure Snape is gonna croak, he's teaching DADA AND he made and oath that if he break he will die? Oh, come on! It's so obvious!

But even though some things are predictable, other are great and compensate and the even trick you into thinking the obvious will happen, I can barely put the book down!

As for my Evil Genius game, it's doing great as well! The Doomsday plot in underway! I could chose between an Earthquake machine and Graity disruptor and an ID Destoryer, since the last one sounded less obvious, I chose it to find out what it did exactlty, I'm curious how exactly deleting someones personal data will help me conquer the world...

I'm just deveopled giant Venus Fly Traps and the ever present piranha tank trap! Now we're really cooking! I'm sure the final scheme would be easy but I'm sure I'll beat it before the week ends as well!

Speaking of games, I'm converting the sound files of Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max and other adventure games so I can fit more of them in my Pocket PC's SD card... I've played Day of the Tentacle so many times that beating it again won't be any trouble at all!

And the movie I was going to see? I've finished watching them! So I'm gonna do a mini review of the 50 Movie Pack Horror Classics DVD Collection from Treeline Films....

First thing, of the 50 movies included several were mere crime movies and some were movie that started as a horror movie but quickly turned into a drama and or crime movie and you never saw the monster again.

Others didn't have any "pissaz", but most very old black and white movie didn't. If they weren't a classic, they weren't any good. I wonder if in 50 years kids will say the same about "Freddt VS. Jason" or "Evil Dead"?

Anyway, here are the ones actually worth watching:

-The Giant Gila Monster
-Metropolis (Shouldn't this be in the Sci-Fi pack?)
-The Ape (A trio that was probably ripping off the Three Stooges try to stop an assasin.)
-King of Zombies (Was pretty funny when it wanted to)
-Killer Shrews (Mutant Mice Murder and Mayhem!)
-The Brain That Wouldn't Die (It's like something for Tales From the Crypt!)
-Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (Need I explain it?)
-Night of the Living Dead (See Above)
-The Phantom of the Opera ( The Lon Chaney SENIOR one)
-The Hunchback of Notredame (Chaney again!)
-Nosferatu (The B&W mute one)
-Little Shop of Horrors (FEEEED MEEEE!)
-Monster from a prehistoric planet (A japanese monster "Kaiju" movie! YAY!)
-Bloodlust (A rich man hunts people for fun on his private island and keeps them as thropies)
-The House on the Haunted Hill (Imagine the remake with much less death)
-The Last Man on Earth

Considering that the pack costs about 20-25$, 16 out of 50 movies is quite good isn't it?
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