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MUA HA HA! My Evil Scheme is nearly ready!

In my game of Evil Genius I finally got all the schematics for the Doomsday Device and I've finally moved to a new island to plot my final scheme!

The island is much bigger and I think I have room for everything! I also have new research devices to create new EVIL items!

I'm sure I'll beat the game this weekend!

I'm already on Chapter 11 on Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I think I will have read it before the weekend ends too!

My plan for the weekend is to:
-Read the Harry Potter Book.
-Beat Evil Genius.
-Watch the remaining movies from the Mega Movie Horror Pack.
-Finish Day of the Tentacle on my Pocket PC.

Even though when I make plans for the weekend everything goes wrong I'm hopeful and I'm SURE I can do it! Heck, I'll probably even have some spare time even!

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