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I definitely want to go to MoCCA this year! But I haven't made any plans AT ALL yet...

I just had a job interview at GameStop  and forgot to ask how much I'll have to wait to know if I get the job or how soon can I take some days off...

But I'm hoping that by the time I've made my plans and I'm ready to buy all the tickets and stuff I will know if I got the job and if I can go on vacation or not?

So... Does anybody know some decent-ish hotel in the Manhattan area or close?  What places do you suggest I visit while I'm there? I don't think I'll wander to far away from the hotel, but I do know I want to go to Avenue Q while I'm there if I can!

I need to know what I'll do while I'm there to know how many days I'll need to stay.. Any suggestions are welcome! ^_^;

I assume I'll visit a comic shop and maybe an old game store? I'm a geek, I don't do tourism well... XP

Anyway, wish me luck with the job thing, and I wish me ever more luck with MoCCA! :3
Tags: mocca

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