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A very cheesy quiz!

I am emmental cheese!
Cheese Test: What type of cheese are you?

In other news, I finally got the new Harry Potter book! YES! Too bad I got it with the "Child" cover, since I wanted the adult cover, but none of the store had it! But I was surprised to see the English book in so many places!

But at the mall, I found one of those crane games I'm so addicted to, and it had SONIC plushies! I just had to have one! Even though it was slightly rigged, I got the Sonic and Shadow dolls but I spent more coins that I should have, but not enough to be totally ripped off...

Speaking of books, a book club magazine has ALSO started to offer the Harry Potter book in English and now it even sells mangas! Speaking of which, at the malls I saw that lots of old series I've always wanted are now for sale, but now is not a good time to buy more comics! I'm trying to make space!

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