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UK Thing 2008 photos!

Before the UK Thing I hung out with Cliodhna, Mallory and Kristian... And Bob?

Bob was the life of the party!  And a lucky bastard! XD


My first photo of the con.... is terribly blurry! D:
Meet Mallory and Kristian of Fallen Angel Media

And Cliodhna, aka ztoical! With cake diving dames!

ryclaude of Gronk comics!

Matt Rosemier of Edible Dirt!

Micia of Vampire Free Style is adorable! I made the perler Micia behind her! X3

Jenika, the author is pretty awesome! >w<

I met Rene Engström of Ander Loves Maria! A comic I always wanted to read, I picked up a comic and loved it! X3

Jeremy Dennis (Jeremy is actually a girl) did a cool comic about goose talk and an adorable tiny tea comic that's actually in a tea bag!  >w<

It's Carly Monardo! YAY! I finally got to meet her! XD

And... Chris Hastings of Dr. McNinja!

.... James Turner of Beaver and Steve didn't bring a fez this time.... KHAAAAAAANN!

But I made him a perler Beaver! :D

Jon Scriven of Little Terrors had some cool merch!  What can I say? I like zombies! :3

Ali Graham of Afterstrife!

John Allison of Scary-Go-Round strikes a pose!

And it wouldn't be the UK thing without Liz Greenfield! <3

It's Jodie Azhar of Tangentine! YAY! X3

 I finally got to meet Will Kirkby a.k.a. chamonkee !

It's Meredith Gran of Octopus Pie! XD
And... She actually knew who I was? O_OU

Lem of Bunny!

And here's some Ninja Bunnies as ninjariffic ending!

I'm not telling much about the con because I'm going to try to make... a pixel journal comic of the event! :3

I've clearly lost my mind! XP
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