Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

It's almost time!

I'm leaving on Friday morning to London for the U.K. Thing! I should be back on Tuesday! :3

I have to make sure I have everything ready today because with the Holy Week, everything will be closed tomorrow and the day after....

Oddly enough I don't seem to be nervous? There seems to be a minor twang of uneasiness, but I think of myself as natural worrier, and... I'm kinda uneasy because I'm not worried or nervous about the U.K..... If that makes any sense...

I sincerely doubt I'll have access to an internet connection while I'm there, so I won't be able to read my email or anything...

As of this moment, I don't have enough guest strips for everyday I'm away, but enough for half of them which isn't that bad...

Since it's a short week, I had nearly no work at the store which would seem like a good thing, but I don't want to play my PSP or DS games since I need one for the plane trip, so I kinda have nothing to do... Which is weirding me out since having nothing to do makes me nervous yet, I seem to be fine...

Fortunately I found a Ratchet and God of War combo at the mall while getting supplies for the trip, so I'll have something to do while I wait....

I don't think I'll make any news posts until I'm back from the con, but I do intend to do a pun or two before leaving!
Tags: uk thing
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