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"Eye" did it! (This is the last eye pun, I swear!)

I finally finished with my bloody list, I can't believe I did it, specially since the list was printed in a very small font, and low on ink, and even though my vision is blurry I managed to read it, I must be improving....

I even dared to play a game today, called Pizza Frenzy, one of those "coffee break" games, and I had the time of my life, if you have a few minutes, try out the demo! ;)

The game is quite simple, you have to deliver pizzas, but they only have one topping each and one parlor that delivers them, you must take order quickly in Time Mode,  or remember the order in Memory Mode...

The game seems simple, bust get more complicated (and fun), with thieves, pranksters to make the game harder, and characters that make the game easier, like a "gossip girl" who convinces everbody to order the same pizza making "combos" easier...

Each new city brings new toppings and new characters, but I'd better stop before this turns into a review....

World of Warcraft is finally out this Friday, and I'm anxious, I hope my vision is better by then because I'm gonna play no matter what!

I have to remember to put up some "junk" tomorrow on Ebay....

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