Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Retro nostalgia...

I was at the retro game store today and.... They had old consoles on display... Consoles that will soon be on SALE! *whimper*
I can't see any reason I'd want a Colecovision, or an Atari Jaguar... And the NeoGeo costs a fortune, which is silly since the games are coming out on GameTap AND the Virtual Channel!

A part of my wants a good ol' Speccy, but... the loading times... Yikes!  By the time the game is loaded you could have beaten it already!

The Game Gear does tempt me, but I think I should just get an adapter for my Megadrive. Not to mention a lot of the Game Gear games are in the Sonic compilations..

The Atari Lynx... Does it have anything worth getting? Maybe if it's cheap and the games are cheap...

The Turbo Grafx still tempts me even though half the games are coming out for VC, and the other half is import and in Japanese...

The MSX REALLY tempts me, and I just might get one unless the guy charges too much for it... ^_^;

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