Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

MoCCA? The UK Thing and other things!

I thinking of going to MoCCA instead of SDCC, SDCC is too big and too expensive, and I don't really care for the mainstream stuff that much...

I hope I'm not disappointing anybody with this since I kept telling everybody I was almost sure to go to SDCC, but I'll probably go to SDCC some other year... maybe?

But what is there for a geek to do in Manhattan? Of course, I'll probably watch Avenue Q in Broadway instead of London now, but... I can't think of anything else...

How soon do you have to get everything ready? Is it like SDCC where you have to have the tickets and others almost 6 months early? Because I'd feel more comfortable if I made plans when I came back from the UK Thing which is.... NEXT WEEK! X3

Apparently I'm quite ready for the UK Thing, and seeing as I'm the only one in a shirt or flimsy sweater while the rest of Spain is dressed for winter, I might not freeze my derriere in London! XD

I've probably planned it a little too much.. I calculated my clothes weight and average comic weight and volume to know how much I can bring back without being fined! ^_^;

Good news! My new stomach pills appear to be working! I've had breakfast for the fist time in more than a month! XD

Apparently I'm already ranked 8 on the Pixel list at BuzzComix, which is sad since I know I'm the only one voting... for myself... T_T
If I got only a few more to vote for me daily, I'd probably be in the overal top 100 in each list, which is also sad... But not as sad as my pageviews! XD

Why would I get any pageviews? The people who know me from LJ read me on LJ and the people who read my on DA read me on DA! XP

I guess it's time for... Project Wonderful? I don't plan on putting ads, but I could buy some ads space else I guess, how does Project Wonderful work, what do I need?
Tags: mocca, uk thing
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