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Das Über game rant!

I just realized I haven't ranted about what I've played, some of these games I played AGES ago, but I think they do deserve a comment or two...

Most of these were either played a while ago, super short, or I got tired of them quickly! XP

Ghost Squad (Wii):
A VERY SHORT Wii Zapper game, it has a ninja mode which everybody into ninjas and you shoot shuriken and Paradise mode in which you have a water gun and the enemies are.... girls in bikinis...
It has only THREE LEVELS, which has several paths and become harder once one beat them, not to mention you get to level up and gain weapons and costumes, but.... After playing the main mode, ninja and Paradise mode, there isn't much more to see for me... :/

Astonishia Story(PSP):
WOW! This game almost looks like it was made with RPG maker, it's so corny and campy, so flawed and broken, and yet for some reason I liked it! The most broken part are giant bosses which can kill you rather, but never move, so you can just get out of range and wait for them to use up their MP... I can't believe this game went out for sale on the PSP, it's so amateur! XP

Now this is more like it! Good characters, fun to play, not too easy or too hard, cliche but fun story. I highly recommend it! :3

Blade Dancer(PSP):
The pacing was so slow I got bored of it after a few fights.... ^_^;

Metal Gear Ac¡d(PSP):
This game would have been fun it they had removed the silly card system, I couldn't even make it through the tutorial! XP

Key of Heaven (PSP):
An "easy" action RPG with a fighting combo system that's hard to understand and you don't need until the end where it's still hard and nothing seems to work anymore...

Bioshock (PC):
What do you want me to say? It was awesome, but it suffers from the same flaw as the Call of Cthluhu game, it's scary at beginning, and they you get a weapon and nothing is scary anymore! But still an awesome game with a great story! X3

Tales of the World(PSP):
This game would have been fun if it weren't so monotonous, a dungeon crawler with several quests that are mostly the same... A shame really, if the game had a little more variety I would have been able to stomach it... Enjoy it even!
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