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Scheming underway!

I went to the Media Markt to get a SD card and a leather cover for my PDA, and while I was at it I broswe a few games and DVDs...

Virgin has released some extra werid game packs for the XBox:
-Syberia II + Memorick + Ghostmaster
-R. L. Hell + Mojo + Phantom Crash
-F.Racing + Artic Thunder + Road Kill

Notice how the game genres don't mix well at all? But still 20€ for 3 XBox games is a steal!

They also had a few for PC that were like these, badly mixed, but I barely remember the titles....

While I was there I picked up Bard's Tale and Darkened Skye for PC, the last ones being a "advertising" game. You see it's actually a Skittles games, but they are not forced into the game, and you almost forget that the games is about candy. The Skittles are actually magical stones in the game and you only need to pick them up and use them in spells...

I also got a few DVDs, I got The Goonies and Gremlins and a few B movies I won't even bother to mention...

In more serious news and matters, I'm starting to sell my junk tomorrow on Ebay, but I wonder...

I'm pretty sure it would be a bad idea to sell allin one go, there must be 200 items and managing them would be Hell, but how many do I put for sale? 20-30?

And in other news, my father is hinting that he want to buy a store for me so I can work in it. OK, he's as subtle as a bazooka, but still...

I wonder what kind of store I should open? My father might buy a store and just let me continue with it as it is, he's already gave me an ad for a gift store that's for sale...

I'm still gonna call a few franchises and ask for prices, if my father agrees to open a game store, then he'll make me the happiest man ever!

If not, I'll open something else and save to open a game store by my own...

Any ideas for a shop I could open if the occasion arises?

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