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Con-fused! And Paypal is making me angry...

First things first! Paypal has limited my account because I made a certain amount of money, and they asked me for my info, seem something that shouldn't be too hard to do, right?

I've sent them my ID card and other info in a file... three days passed, I was still being limited, I FAXED them, nothing happened, I EMAILED them NOTHING happened! What the? How long does it take for Paypal to deal with this stuff? And they haven't even replied to my email!

So I phoned them again, it appears the name on my bank account if different from my ID by ONE LETTER, which is enough to refuse all the info... I went to the bank and now I have to wait until I get a letter from the back with that information...

And I just realized I don't have a passport, since the place where I get them is next to the doctor's office where I have an appointment for tomorrow..

With luck I'll finally know what the hell is wrong with my digestive system, and I'll know if I'll get a passport in time for whatever US con I plan to go to!

Which brings to my "Con-fusion", which my PC dying, the site finally going up I haven't really done anything yet to get to San Diego Comic Con...
Since I haven't actually done anything yet, I might as well re-evaluate my plan, because I've met more artists online and maybe, just maybe, SDCC is not the con I want to go to?

I've always decided which UK convention to go to by looking at the guest list, but the US lists never seem to be complete! I KNOW people that will be attending certain cons who are not on the list!

So... I know several of the people I want to meet actually read my journal, which kinda freaks me out, so what are your con schedules?^_^;

I think it's still likely I'll either go to either Mocca or SDCC, or maybe SPX, Staple (which I just missed), or something like that?

San Diego has a TWENTY HOUR flight... The sheer thought of it makes me shiver,  do I even have something to keep be distracted for that long? And Mocca is New York.... Which terrifies me! And I feel like an idiot because I know several New Yorks and as far as I know they don't get mugged or shot at a daily basis....

I just don't know, I want to go to a US con, but I don't know which anymore... UK is close and I can go there very easily and cheaply, but this is likely to be the only US con I'll go to in a VERY LONG time! I don't even know when I could afford a second trip, just the plane ticket costs more than the total cost of a UK con to me! D:

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