Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Before something shiny distracts me... Guess who's back.... ¬_¬

I always seem to forget to blog about anything lately... XP

I found out through the Gigcast that a certain site which we all know and HATE is back... a site I will not link to... a site that all that it does is say horrible things about webcomics....

I never really pay attention to trolls, but his comeback post made me realize that his guy doesn't know ANYTHING at all and should be completely ignored... And here is why!

He's whining about he doesn't understand why people attack him for being a jerk to every single webcartoonist out there, and what is his defense?

That other bloggers flame videogames and movies and nobody hates them, and that we are stupid for picking on him and not on those blogs...

REALLY? So the blogs that pick on games and movies that are ACTUALLY BAD made by people who make enough money to not care what others say are just the same as your where you pick on comics THAT ARE GOOD and made by people who are making just enough to survive? They are picking on bigwigs, he is picking on the average Joe!

Show me a blog that picks on small indie games like Cave Story or even bigger ones like Pyschonauts, or a blog that picks on movies made by college students  and I'll believe his word, but now I know that he's ignorant and almost like the Jack Thompson of webcomics, his words mean less to me than ever....
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