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I just realized something...

I have to sell most of my comic books yet I have to wait because a friend of mine wants to trade stuff I want for them...

I have to sell nearly every book in the house (Not my Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams ones, of course) but I can't until a man my father called comes over to see if he's interested in any...

I have to sell nearly every VHS in the house but I can't until my father decides which he will keep...

So here I am, waiting until I have to sell half a house of items on Ebay. I WILL sell them there, since used items stores give you almost nothing for whatever you sell, so I'll only sell them there if I can't sell them anywhere else!

Like I've mentioned before I'll move into my sister's room and still keep my old room, if I manage to sell all my stuff, I will not only keep my games, but I can actually keep on game collecting! Booyah!

Speaking of collecting I haven't felt like buying new games since I should be getting a lot of retro gaming goodness from my friends and I couldn't really think of anything anyway, so... I bought some thing I left for times like this.

I bought the remeaning games from the Dangerous Dave series, download only, I hate paying for downloads, but I haven't seen them on Ebay EVER! Also I bought Spheres of Chaos (download only too), it's a great psychodelic space shooter, the author actually made this game for the Acorn computer, so this is actual remake by the same author!

Also I got the StrongBad Emails DVDs, did you know there is a new one? Ain't that a coinkadink! And the Strongbad Sings CD!

Hmm, maybe I should post a list of stuff that might interest the Wapsi LJ community before putting them on Ebay? Although most of my stuff is in Spanish I do have stuff in English and some even in Japanese!

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