Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

PC Pandemonium!


I found a site that sold PCs that would just send it to me, where I bought a pretty decent PC.

The very next day I call to know when the PC would arrive, they told me it would take almost a week! So I canceled my order and went to the mall and got one that's a bit more expensive, but also better!

When I get home and start installing everything and restoring the backed up files I got email that told me the PC order I had canceled would arrive tomorrow, which is today! They told me it was an error and that it was indeed canceled and all I had to do was not accept the PC when the UPS guy arrived....

It was such a close call that it couldn't have been a coincidence! I caught the UPS guy right when he was leaving and he had left the PC with a neighbour, which would technically count as accepting the package I guess? Unfortunately I'll have to wait a few days for the refund...
The company should be clear with their info, first they tell me the PC will take several days to arrive, then they says it's on it's way...

Anyway, I finally have a new PC with Vista!.... Yay? I'm still getting used to Vista, but what really irks me is that IT NO LONGER PREVIEWS ANIMATED GIFS! And to a guy who makes them, that kinda sucks... I also had to buy a new USB wireless adapter since my old one isn't compatible with Vista...

Most of my equipment needed new drivers to work on Vista... which asks for permission every 5 seconds for just about anything!

The backup was mostly successful, most of the music files seemed to be corrupted for some reason, but I have all the animated gifs I created before the last update, I guess the loss was minimal?

But now I have to get ready for what I hope is my last eBay batch.... which could take quite a while... I just barely had time to delivery the packages I couldn't send while my PC was down! XP

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