Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

@#$%! Oh, the irony!

Just bloody marvelous! I have just ordered a graphic card and either my monitor is dead or my graphic card is....

All I get is  blinking light on my monitor, although I sometimes get a *beep* Pause *beep* pause *beep* and then 8 more beeps which I think means graphic card problems? I can't find my beep chart.... :/

This comes at the WORST TIME possible, it's  my busiest work ever, I have tons of packages from Ebay to deliver, the website to work on, the Valentine comic to finish.... The list doesn't end!

I'm going to have figure out if it's the GPU or monitor ASAP, and then contact when I ordered the GPU and tell them to send it now or cancel if it's the graphic card or buy a new monitor....

And.... I think my power supply just died... AGAIN! I think I have the older one still around here...

i just might have to bring my PC to the computer shop for the first time in my life.... T_T

I might be able to finish the Valentine comic with the family laptop.... Maybe....

I'm pretty sure it was initially the GPU, but I just replaced my new power supply with an older one...

All I get is a fizzle of light and a few spins of the fans, I doubt my power supply died so quickly, so it might be something serious...

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