Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Ebay End Game? Also, I has comic fer sale!

I've probably been selling my stuff on Ebay longer than I remember, trying to get rid of the clutter from my packrat years...

And it seems that I might FINALLY sell everything I wanted VERY SOON!

I will probably donate kids games and comics to... whatever is the appropriate place to donate them? I have no idea where that is, but I'm sure there IS such a place!

I literally wasted a whole day with this batch!

But this is the part the interests YOU! Due to some postal mishap in Xmas, I got an extra copy of Scott Pilgrim 4, Making Comic, 24 Hour Comics 2004 and 2005... I also have a faulty copy of Scary-GO-Round's: Heavy Metal Hearts and Flowers with three blank pages, and Dominic Deagan: Oracle for Hire: Crystal Clear which I just don't like anymore! XP

Scott Pilgrim and Making Comics I'll sell for 5€ each,  24 Hour comics for 3€, Dominic for 2€ and Scary go Round is free to anybody who buys something else since it's faulty!

I think the shipping would be about 10€ if you want it secured 7€ if not? It will probably be more or less depending on which comics you buy, I guess...

And if nobody wants them I'll just put them on Ebay... :P
Tags: ebay

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