Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Last week... A success? I guess...

Well, I finally have plane tickets and hotel reservations for the UK Thing, which my "objective", I spent days looking up info just to find out that my initial idea was the right one....

I am going to have to spend and extra day there though, to avoid the cost of returning during the Holy Week...

Yesterday we had a family meal to celebrate my day's B-day,  but since I forgot my stomach pills I wasn't very up to eating... But I finally found a copy of Disgaea for the PSP on the way back! And a used copy of Silent Hill Origins! X3

My father got a fancy scale that give you your body fat and other things for his B-day, and obviously I had to figure out how it worked. Apparently I have 19% fat and 49% percent muscle and I'm almost underweight....

My only plans for this week is to start working on my website!

Gamewise I only played Alien Syndrome for the PSP... And was utterly disappointed...

It's your basic hack n' slash RPG... in space.... But it was just too easy! Nothing seemed to come close to kill me, and this game didn't have an Easy mode! That and the fact that the game was terribly monotonous... I might have been able to make it through the game if all monsters and halls looked the same... It suffered the "Instead of making new enemies, let's just recolor and rename the old ones" syndrome... This is so going on Ebay this week... :P
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