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I just realized NOW that the UK Thing takes place during the HOLY WEEK! HOLY  @#$%! No wonder the plane tickets were so expensive!

I was going to go on Thursday and Return on a Sunday, but it's so expensive to come back on Sunday AND Monday I think I might arrive on Friday and return on Tuesday...

I'll have to stay an extra day, but I'll pay 200€ less on place tickets... So the question is would an extra day in London COST ME more or less than 200€? :(

And.... I forgot to be a little more specific about the guest strips!
-You're allowed to have you're characters make a cameo or viceversa, just don't make a comic with your characters and only make a small reference or cameo of mine...
-Don't make it too dirty, my characters don't even have naughty bits, but you never know.... =P
-Don't make it too sick either, I guess you guys must have high tolerance with all my puns, but I don't think people would want the equivalent of Tub Girl or something like that...
-You can make it the traditional way, digitally, photomanipulation of food... Anything goes!  But pixel art would be weird...
-Since my character always comes  back, you can kill them, just remember they don't really have internal organs so it shouldn't be gory!
-March 15 is more or less the deadline, I might accept a few after that date though... ^_^;

I think that's about it, and I think the terms are reasonable, right?
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