Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

I have a plan? And... I can has guest strips?

I finally have some time for myself now and I need to finish my plans for my stay in London for the UK Thing, I'll probably stay only a couple of days since I'm hoping to come back next year too!

Since Gosh! Comics and The British Museum are so close, that's a no brainer, but I don't know if Gosh Comics has merch... like plush chocobos or stuff like that... So I might have to go to Forbidden Planet for geek merch... And of course, I'll need to find a game store! X3

I think this is the perfect occasion to ask for guest strips! I'm hoping my site will be up by then, and even though I know I could try to make a comic before time.... I kinda want guest strips.... ^_^;

I'm guessing the deadline would be March 15th? I'll accept any kind of strips, although a pixel strip would be... weird? You can even take photos of food and Photoshop faces on them! XD

Anyway, I don't know if I'll get  a single submission, but if I don't get any, I'll try to make something for when I'm away... But I'm not sure how to proceed if I get more than I need! Would it be correct to keep them for a rainy day?

And now I must spend 2 hours folding paper! YAY!
Tags: uk thing

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