Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

What I've playing: Zack & Wiki, Medievil and The Simpsons

I was rather busy last week, but I didn't allow myself to play Zack & Wiki the day it came out and I played a little in the weekend... Much to my surprised, I plowed through three games! :O

Zack & Wiki is technically an adventure game for the Wii, Zack is a pirate apprentice in search from treasure and Wiki and a mystical monkey creature who can turn into bell. When Zack rings the bell, it turns people and animals into items you'll need to solve each puzzle.

The game is loads of fun and get pretty challenging, but manageable near the end, the game only has ONE drawback, the musical minigame...

You will have to shake your WiiMote like crazy to play a tune, but the minigame is more strict than any music game I've played, either you get it right, or you get it wrong, and you only have a very small margin of error.... But since you don't need to beat them to finish the game, I don't care! XP

I've been tempted to play The Simpsons game for a while, and I found it used for the PSP and got it, and I don't regret it all! Even with the Spanish voices and all!

The Simpsons find out they have game powers and end up doing all kinds of crazy things, Homer can become a ball and roll, Lisa can meditate and make thing levitate, Bart can become Bartman and glide and use his slingshot, but Marge is my favorite since she has the power of the angry mob! XD

The game had tons of nods to other videogames, you even get to play Frogger and Gauntlet minigames! The game was a lot more fun that I expected it to, and the humor was better than I expected to too!

The game does have ONE BIG DOWNSIDE! This might be a bit of a spolier, but the final challenge is... DDR! And it's HARD... Not as hard as in Zack & Wiki, but way too hard compared to rest of the game!  I did beat it, but the skyrocketing difficulty of it kinda sucked the joy of the game I had of the moment, but overall I really liked the game! :3

Medievil: Resurrection is a remake of the first MediEvil for PSOne, with several new changes, like different levels and even new characters! Before you had a worm in your undead skull, now you have a genie that give you advice and says quirky thing to keep things less monotonous. What I love about this game is that it rewards you for being a completist, not like other games where you just do it for show! If you find a chalice and fill it with souls of your enemies (you don't even need to kill them all!) you get a new weapon or item!

The best thing about the game? You most powerful weapon is... A CHICKEN DRUMSTICK! It kills everything but bosses with one hit and turns them into a roasted chicken to regain health!

The downside? The minigames.... You need to beat them to get the most powerful sword, but instead of beating each minigame ONCE, you have to beat each NINE TIMES! Which is just retarded, because you end up playing 72 minigames to get an upgrade.... I know it's the most powerful sword and I need to earn it, but playing a minigame nine times isn't a minigame anymore, isn't it? Overall, the game was pretty funny and fun!

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