Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

This week isn't going very well.... London attractions for geeks?

Last week I managed to do everything I wanted and more! This week... not as much...

I had too much work on Monday and Tuesday to do anything at home, and I was kinda sick yesterday.... And Zack & Wiki is out today... ^_^;

And... something is wrong with my power supply, it's having trouble starting up, but doesn't fail after starting, I assume I should replace it soon.  :(

I'm going to try to to plan my stay in London for the UK thing instead of trying to get anything done for the site...

I still have no idea how long I'll stay, I want to either see Spam-A-Lot or Avenue Q, but I won't stay an extra day just to see both, so I'll have to choose.... Which would you pick?

I know there is a toy museum I could visit, and there is a indie comic store that everybody talks about... and I can't remember it's name... I think it had either Tintin or Calvin and Hobbes outside?

But that's about it... I don't know what else I could do while there.... Any suggestions? I've already seen a few of the major attractions....
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