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The silver lining?

My parents just appeared out of nowhere, bringing me a ton of comics from the chalet!

I have countless Shonen Jump from the Dragon Ball era, lots of Mortadelo & Filemon comics, and heavens knows what more!

I saw among other an old Winnie the Pooh book from my youth, hopefully it will be worth a few bucks..

The best part? A Spanish friend of mine as offered a trade! I'll send him lots of my comics and I'll get his games and consoles! He is willing to trade his Mega Drive (Genesis), Master System, Lynx, Atari XL600 among others!

I still have to list all my comics and books, since someone is willing to buy our encyclopedia and other educational books...

With luck by getting rid of nearly all my comics I'll be able to keep my games AND have enough space for more games!

But now I lots of work, I'll have to spend all of Sunday listing of my stuff, but I guess I'll have fun doing it... I hope...

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