Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

So it's the end of the year, time to reflect on the year that's ending and talking about my plans for next year... Not resolutions... I don't smoke, drink and I'm only 59 Kg...

This year was the most eventful and crazy yet! I've yet people I admire and respect, and hopefully made new friends! Maybe even with people I admire! :3

I somehow started a comic, and somehow, people like it! And I made a few games, and they didn't suck that much... =P

What are my plans for next year? Make a site for the comic, for starters!
And maybe join something like comicgenesis or something similar to host the comic as a mirror site?

And finish Sweet Tooth... And hopefully make a few more short stories! :3

And maybe a game or two? Maybe I'll try to make one in flash so the people with a Mac can play?

And I might try to make clay figurines, with Fimo maybe?

You wouldn't believe how much I've changed lately, before this whole thing started, all I did was mope and didn't really give a damn about the rest of the world, now I'm still a bit nervous, but I'm more calm and caring.

I'm still mostly a gamer, but I'm no longer obsessed with my collection, and I no longer want to have a babillion games nor do I want to spend too much money on a rare game when it will come out on GameTap or the Virtual Channel eventually... Which will make me save a lot of money! =P

And I guess that's about it? I don't want to make this too long, we're all making time for the end of year party! X3
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