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I guess I'll call it quits for the game binge, I might play more, but I won't "binge" game... :P

For those who care to know what I played:

-Megaman Powered Up is a remake of the original Megaman in chibi style and two new bosses, a mode that let's you build your own levels and you can unlock all the Robot Masters as playable characters! X3

It's AWESOME! Easy is actually TOO easy, since some bosses are just stupid, but you do have to defeat them with your normal weapon to play as them, and then play in normal and unlock the rest! :3

-Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles: It's a remake of Rondo of Blood, possibly the best Castlevania in the old school style before it became an RPG plataformer, it has TONS of secrets, like the original version, and Symphony of the Night! X3

Some might complain you have to play through the game to unlock the other games, but that's silly, because that's the fun part of the game! You can unlock Maria one of the girls captured who is a little girl with cute magic powers... How can I not resist fighting evil with a little girl? X3

Of course, one you've beaten Rondo of Blood you can play SOTN, which is awesome, but I'll play that another day... :P

-Megaman X Maverick Hunter: A remake or Megaman X... I could swear that either the game is easier or I'm getting better, because I didn't have much difficulty getting through the game! It's a great remake that comes with a 20 minute movie of what happened before the game! And you play as Vile when you beat the game too! :3

-Gradius Collection: HOLY $%&#! I don't remember the games being this hard! Who thought that fighting several bosses in a row would be fun? Yeah, you do that in Megaman, but in this game you die with ONE HIT! Difficult, but still fun... I haven't played Gradius Gaiden though... ^_^;

-Death Jr. II: Root of Evil: I played the latest game of this series on the DS and hated it because it was rushed, but people say the PSP ones are better..

And they are! But not really that awesome... It's rather short with only three worlds, it's pretty straight forward and since you can adjust difficulty mid game it your fault if you can't beat or find it unchallenging....

It's kinda creative, I like the level where you enter a Waffle House of Doom under a fake llama farm, but the rest is kinda derivative...

My complains are the same as with the other game, the "wannabe Drac pack"...
Since having another game with werewolves, vampires and Frankenstein monster teams would be unoriginal, and possibly copyright infringement they made up their own ghastly group...

Death Jr. the son of Death and Pandora, obsessed with boxes, are kinda interesting, but the rest of the gang... The obligatory genius of the group is a siamese twin joined by the head, who only exists to invent stuff to help you in the game, then you have the rude.... stump boy in a jar... He has no arms or legs and is a pervert, I guess he's only purpose is to make rude jokes? Stygmartha is... a botanist? She doesn't really do anything...

And then there is Dead Guppy, who is dead and can't talk or move, so obviously he's the smartest, coolest character ever! ¬_¬

Wow, that took a little longer than I expected...

I played my first GameTap Gold game, Psychic Soldier, the game from the Athena Asamiya of King of Fighter comes from, it's a quirky sidescroller in which you hear her sing every once in a while...

OH MY GOD! GAMETAP RULES! For the price of one console game, you get a year worth of this!

Awesome games GameTap has:
-Silent Hill 2 & 3
-A ton of NeoGeo games
-A ton of Sega Games, even DREAMCAST ONES and from the obscure SG-1000 too!
-Commodore 64 games!

You know what?
Just look for yourself!

Thanks to them I'll definitely spend less on games next year!
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