Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Happy Belated B-Day, Megaman! Also Megahaul of games! X3

I ordered a bunch of import PSP games through Ebay, and they got here today! Only one day after the Blue Bombers B-day!

Which seems appropriate since I got Megaman Powered Up and Megaman Maverick Hunter!

OH MY GOD! Megaman Powered Up is so cute, I'm puking rainbows! >///w///<

I also got Alien Syndrome, Death Jr II, Castlevania X Chronicles, Harvest Moon and Gradius Collection! And people claim the PSP has no good games? I'm in heaven!

I also ordered Capcom Puzzle World and got a Crossword game instead... oh well, Hopefully they'll replace it or something...

I kinda like that people hate the PSP, because thanks to all the PSP haters I'm getting this games DIRT CHEAP! I got a game that's not even for sale here yet NEW at a price I'll have to wait a year to see USED!

I was kinda afraid the PSP would play US games, but it does... I don't know why they have region symbols if they don't mean anything... :P
Tags: games

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