Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Things I learned this weekend...

I've been rummaging around my games to see which I'll keep and I learned a few things...

-No continues? No way! If a game forces me to beat it in one go, I won't keep it! I don't have time to master a game, dammit!

-Licensed games suck! Yeah, everybody knows that already, right? Although the early Disney games are cool! :3

-Sega Overcompensating... Since I was raised a Nintendo fanboy, I kinda overcompensated when I finally got a Megadrive and Master System and I got a bit carried away.... And bought lots of crappy games for them....

-I have no idea how my Atari collection will fare after "judgement", who knows? I might even sell the thing? I have enough Atari compilations to not really miss it...

-As much as I loved my Amiga 500, I'm going to sell the games I have for it, I just don't want to buy a retro computer to play just a handful of games, and I have most of them on other systems now anyway!

-I don't know why I have games from genres I don't like, soccer, sports, licensed games from licenses I don't really care about...

The Good: WOW! Do I ever have space now! Since I started to sell stuff to make space, I guess I succeeded!

The Bad: My PC games are selling terribly and used games stores won't touch the older ones, some won't even buy new ones! And I still have all the older ones that games in those HUGE boxes.... ARGH!

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