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My kingdom for a ladder!

Today was pretty brutal...

I found out that the most valuable resource at my work is... LADDERS! We only have a few and people hog them, and even HIDE them so you can't find them...

There is a another ladder which nobody uses, but it's huge and heavy, even so, I had no option but to use it several times...

It appears we are on trial until Saturday, and if we pass it we go on for 2 months. Remember the slacker? He still doesn't work and now he¡s brown-nosing our bosses to make sure he passes the trial. Well, if we don't and he does, than he will have to work for BOTH of us, so that would be our perfect revenge... :P

Sigh, I have no free time lately, when I get home, I lunch and sleep till I have to go work for my father, and then I have a small break and work some more, and then I have an hour to eat dinner, shower and shave before hitting the sack...

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