Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Many things....

-Nobody has noticed I have stopped doing fanart on Saturday, which means either nobody likes them or nobody cares about content on Saturday?

Either way, I probably won't do more until Xmas is over, my stress levels are getting a bit high and having a day to decompress is helping!

-It seems I'm spending most of my day replying to Ebay questions, sending packaged and going to used game stores to sell old unwanted games.

I swear they must be reproducing, how else can I have two copies of Starcraft? :P

The old game store is buying my old Game Boy games... without even checking them! Does this mean the games I buy there could be faulty? :(

Oh well, they pay well for them, so I'll probably sell the rest of them there too!

-The Sword of Vichalace, a story you should really check out is finally for sale in the US! YAY!

-Case is accepting chibi comissions! 
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