Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

More Ebay chaos... Packrat vs Reason round 223

Oooh, if you guys could just see how my room looks now, you'd think a tornado just hit it!

I'm determined to get rid of all stuff I don't need to have more room, but the internal battles never end...

Do I really need my original Game Boy, the brick? I have a Game Boy Color which cane play Game Boy game and GBA SP which should play both! Should I really keep them for collector's sake? Am I so desperate for space I should sell them?

I don't whether to keep my normal DS since I have a DS Lite.... :/

There are many games, I'm pretty sure I won't play again, but... I still want to keep them... I don't know if this make sense

I also have a box of old PCs parts which are obsolete... Does anybody know if there is a way to delete all the data there without having to plug it in?

I really feel like kicking my inner packrat I was so sure that I would never sell a single game that I filled bigger boxes with smaller ones with also had boxes... which means it will take 5 hours to find a box for an old Game Boy game....

Oh well... back to "work"
Tags: ebay, packratting
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