Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Kitchen Kaos 24: Cherry chase... And other things...

Geez! You leave the kitchen for a while and they replace you? Not cool!

Next: Rotten Egg Vs. Black Cherry!

How are you guys liking the new font? Is it better? Easier to read? Harder to read? ^_^;

It does seem a bit less expressive being all in caps...

The indredibly talented Case is having and art sale of her latest work!

If you can afford some her artwork, please purchase some! You won't regret it! >w<

And if you can't spread the word!

And... I just had some silly ideas!

I'm thinking of doing some comics on DA etiquette? You know like Mr. Manners but for DA?

They'd probably be done in that chibi style I used for the 5 questions thing.

And the really crazy idea is.... ice cream analogies! I somehow tend to use ice cream analogies a lot, so I wondered... What if made some of these analogies into comics?
Tags: comic, kitchen kaos, pixel
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